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Hi! I am a 14 year old boy from the Netherlands. I am producing music! (and I am NOT a DJ, but a producer.)
I mostly make Trap, but i sometimes try Trapstep, Dubstep and EDM too. I am part of the 808 gang, an awesome community for trap producers.
I haven't sold any beats yet. If someone is interested though, I choose for a percentage profit: a part of the money you get, get I.
So if you make 100 dollars from a beat, i ask 20. I think it is more fair than a standard price.

I use FL studio, with a MIDI keyboard and a Maschine MKII. I have quite a good gaming PC.
Scroll down for the specs.
Most of my artwork is done by awesome people like Toxic. and Sejling. Make sure to check them out under "Supporters".


Most of my tracks are made using melody samples, as I am really bad at making melodies.
I participate in some Cymatics Beat Contests. I mostly make (chill) trap. All my Dubstep, Trapstep, Hybrid trap and EDM tracks are unreleased (yet).
My family and friends don't make music, but here some love to them for supporting me so much!
I post all my music on Youtube, as my Soundcloud is recently deleted. Head down to "Links" for that. I am maybe planning to make a new Soundcloud account soon. Stay tuned for that!


Top Supporters:
Toxic. - http://www.soundcloud.com/datboitoxic
Sejling - http://www.soundcloud.com/samuel-sejling
And of course the whole 808 gang! https://soundcloud.com/eight-o-eightgang
Side supporters:
My parents, Brother, Nephew and Friends of course!
JADE. - http://www.soundcloud.com/prodbyjade

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel i5 5th Gen
GPU: NVidia GTX 970 TI
Motherboard: unknown lol
Power Supply: RM 550W
Keyboard: Trust Thura GTX
Mouse: GMB X
Monitors: 1x AOC C27G1 144hz, 1x iiyama ProLite E2208HDS and 1x iiyama ProLite E2208HDD
Headphones: I have no idea


Instagram: http://instagram.com/producer.xit
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Zh3BrrI2dhg436WahzgYw


Send me a DM in Instagram, or mail me:
Mail Me
I will try to reply as soon as possible!